Waste heat boiler

Waste heat boiler refers to a boiler that uses the waste gas, waste or waste heat in various industrial processes and the heat generated after combustion of combustible substances to heat water to a certain temperature. Fuel oil, gas and coal are burned to produce high-temperature flue gas to release heat. The high-temperature flue gas first enters the furnace, then enters the waste heat recovery device of the front smoke box, then enters the pyrotechnic pipe, and finally enters the waste heat recovery device in the flue of the rear smoke box. The high-temperature flue gas becomes the low-temperature flue gas and is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney. Because HRSG greatly improves the utilization rate of heat released by fuel combustion, this kind of boiler is very energy-saving.

  • Visual case: Coke oven flue gas waste heat boiler( Shaanxi Heimao)

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